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Build the foundation to develop a brand with impact!


The Power Collective is a private coaching program for women entrepreneurs who want to increase their visibility, their profits and their impact. If you stumbled across this web page, chances are, you're looking for insight on how to increase the power and reach of your brand.


You're talented, driven, and smart. You've already done a ton of research on your industry and have a clear picture of what you want to do.


But, you've realized along the way of bringing your dreams to life, that piecing together the information you've found on YouTube, Podcasts, Google and books, is harder than you thought. You've even gone the extra mile of investing in online classes and attended a few conferences. However, you still feel lost on what your next step should be.


You're ready to level up and make power moves.


In order to do that, you need two things: a roadmap and a guide.


Someone who's experienced and knowledgeable about what it takes to build a brand that garners attention and expands beyond their local community. Someone who can help you accomplish your end goal smoothly. 


Well, you've found her.


Meet Your Guide



I'm Kyshira and I help busy bombshells like you monetize their online presence. You're looking for someone who can help you create a brand strategy that is authentic and profitable. I can help you create the roadmap to branding success!


Why? Because my life has been a series of bold strategic moves that have resulted in either great reward or great learning's. I launched my blog in fall 2013 with a simple goal of sharing my expertise with others to help them remain two moves ahead of the competition. I started off writing about career development and personal branding. I was also coaching others on career transition and interview prep. My specialty? Leveraging LinkedIn to build your brand, grow your network and make a name for yourself.


Along the way, I began to work with entrepreneurs who wanted me to brand their LinkedIn profiles to aid them in getting clients. I LOVED working with this group. As I gaining clients through referrals, their asks became bigger. I went from writing LinkedIn profiles to writing biographies, website content and creating social media strategy for authors, coaches, event planners and more.


Brand Coach Brand Mentor Business Coach

That experience is what led my business to blossom into what it is now. Today, I help amazing bombshell women like you package their expertise, brand their brilliance and monetize their online presence. My clients have gone on to do amazing things such host sold out events/retreats, publish books, increase their sales by 150% and much more! I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to welcome you into The Power Collective and partner with you to achieve increased clarity and explosive growth for your brand. 


I am also a content creator, serial entrepreneur, and author. Passionate about brand strategy, entrepreneurship, and beauty, I have several brands and ventures that I manage such as Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics, a brand that was featured in Essence within 5 months of launch! 


I believe in the power of giving back to my surrounding community. I am a past president of the Urban League Young Professionals of Greater Pittsburgh. I am a former board member of prestigious organizations such as Ellevate Network, YWCA Young Leaders Board and more. Today, I serve as the current chapter president for the National Black MBA Association, Pittsburgh and the Local Chapter Leader of Levo Pittsburgh.


My continuous efforts and involvement have been recognized by EBONY Magazine, Fast Company, XO Necole, CNN Money, Blavity, Empire Life Magazine, and more! In 2017, I was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Style Week Pittsburgh. In 2018, I was named an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

"The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks."



I Can Assist 2 Specific Types of Entrepreneurs


Early Stage entrepreneurs who are in the beginning phase of launching their business and need assistance laying the ground work for their idea and developing a powerful launch strategy.

Experienced ENTREPRENEURS who are ready to extend their brand into new endeavors such as coaching, speaking or products.


Power Circle Retreat

Oct 10th - 13th | Punta Cana 


Join Us At the Retreat!

The Power Circle Retreat is where work finally meets play. Join an elite group of go getters and game changers as we look to grow and fellowship together. Whether you attend with your biz bestie or aim to find one, this retreat is perfect for you! This retreat will offer actionable workshops, invaluable networks, an ocean excursion spa trip and much more. In fact, the content taught at the mastermind will be based upon the specific needs of the attendees! No cookie cutter, generic workshops here. Reserve your spot today with just $100!

What Its Like To Work With The Power Collective?


You have a ton of ideas. You're driven, ambitious and want to have a ton of impact. Upon signing on to work with The Power Collective, the first thing we will do is gain clarity on your goals, your brand direction and your value proposition. Here, we partner with you on activities that will unlock all of the idea you have and create a plan of action for those that will have the biggest impact. But, let's be clear. We don't tell you what to do. Instead, we provide you intentional exercises to aid you in developing a clear picture of what you want for the future of your brand and business.

Strategic Action Plans 

Upon gaining clarity, we then work together to create a 180 day strategic action plan. This may include a launch campaign, passive income funnels or brand awareness strategies to further the growth of your reach and impact. Whatever the case, your plan will be actionable and cover the who/what/when/where/why/how of implementation. Upon completing your action plan, you will be prepared to implement all of the strategies you learn during your private coaching sessions.


During your time with The Power Collective, we expect you to take action. You will receive assignments to complete between your coaching sessions to ensure that you making power moves. The accountability assignments and email support you'll receive from your guide, Kyshira, are detrimental to your success with The Power Collective. We have no fluff approach to coaching. We fully expect that you will begin to implement your new learning's right away and will be prepared to share your wins and challenges during your subsequent coaching calls.

How Does It Work?

The Power Collective is designed to meet you where you are. My core services are divided into 3 core programs: Power Collective Mentorship, Power Elite Fast Track and the Luxe VIP Day Experience.

Mentor for African American Female Entrepreneurs

Power Collective Mentorship Program

The Power Collective Mentorship Program is a 6 month private coaching experience for entrepreneurs who are within the first 12-24 months of business and need assistance developing powerful brand messaging, positioning and overall strategy for the growth of their business.

Create Digital Products and Courses

Power elite Fast track

The Power Elite Fast Track program is 3 month private coaching experience for entrepreneurs who are ready to rebrand, build their personal brand and/or pivot into new avenues. Here, we focus on your launch strategy, messaging and plan of action for adding a new stream of income to your existing portfolio.

Untitled design.png


You'll spend a full day with me to create the ultimate plan for profit and exposure for your business. We'll work together to evaluate your brand's current state and identify areas of growth to get you to the next level. The VIP Luxe Day is a completely customized experience based upon you and your needs. You'll walk away with not only increased clarity and good energy, but with an exact plan of action to accomplish your goals.

Hear From My Previous Clients


Uzoma Obidike, Career Development strategist

"When I first discovered Kyshira on Facebook, I was immediately hooked! The passion that she has for helping women develop their business brands is evident in her commitment to serving her online communities. She delivers free content that is both quality and consistent. Kyshira's own personal achievements and success continue to amaze me, which is another reason why I decided to work with her. So when she announced her [group coaching program], I couldn't wait to sign up! I had an amazing experience as a member of the cohort. At the end of the program, I had my business brand up and running and I was ready for more. I never hesitated to join the Bombshell Business Society membership community. Having the monthly trainings and live coaching calls really help me stay accountable and consistent in my growing my new business. I highly recommend Kyshira and the KSM Group if you're looking to get to work and see immediate results with your brand and business."

Shawna Solomon.jpg

Shawna Solomon, image stylist and owner of exotic hush boutique

"Kyshira is everything! I've been more confident in my business after her one on one coaching. She provided me with advice and tools to be confident with my brand. I have since attracted more clients, scaled up and now opening a third boutique location. I would recommend her to anyone looking to reach your full potential with your business. So pleased, I continue to use her as I continue to climb. Lots of great USEFUL information. Worth every penny and more." 


Teresa renee hunt, life makeover strategist, author & Founder of truth 2 renew publishing

"Kyshira is amazing and her brilliance is branding for sure! Over the past year I've participated in a number of webinars, bought a few courses, I attended, and even had the opportunity to speak at her Summit. I had not doubt that I wanted to connect with her further as in the midst of rebranding so I booked a one-on-one strategy call with her. During the call I gained clarity on my new offerings as well as strategies to jump start a profitable 2018. I totally appreciated Kyshira's insight, suggestions, and care for my brand. She did not try to change who I was or my brand, but rather, help me enhance what I was already doing so that I can stand out more and increase my income. Right after my strategy call with Kyshira, I got to work! Witnessing Kyshira's passion and hustle has been inspiring and I knew I had better start implementing right away if I was to results. I've revised my elevator pitch and created a new website. Following that, I gained 3 new book clients and launched my private Facebook Community. I've also created an online student portal with a program Kyshira recommended and revised content for my Birth Your Book Bootcamp so that modules are easily accessible for clients, and to enhance my efficiency and organization. I highly recommend working with Kyshira if you're in the middle of a rebrand, like I was, just launching your business, or if you're an established entrepreneur. Not only is Kyshira knowledgeable, but her personal brand speaks volumes about her expertise, experience, and ability to help you succeed in business! Thank you Kyshira!"


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