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Business vs. Being

How to Prevent Self Sabotage in Your Entrepreneurial Journey

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Signs and Symptoms of Comparison Syndrome, Imposter Syndrome and other limiting beliefs

How to coach yourself during times of overwhelm & fear to prevent slowing down your progress

Navigating the identity shift that's required to become the 6 and 7 figure C.E.O you're destined to be

All the marketing tactics and sales strategy in the world can't overcome a fixed mindset.

Meet Your Host

Kyshira S. Moffett, MBA is an International Board Certified Success Coach & a certified practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), TIME Techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Clinical Hypnosis. Her speciality lies in business coaching with an emphasis on branding, digital marketing and sales. Through her business, The Power Collective, Kyshira works with emerging business owners on launching their coaching practice & creating their first results driven, high ticket coaching package. Kyshira also works with experienced coaches across industries who have hit a revenue wall and need assistance with scaling their practice. Kyshira's passion for helping women unlock their power through entrepreneurship is unwavering and she's thrilled to work with you on your journey.