Elevation: How to Create Your Next Multi Six Figure Idea!

For 1:1 coaches, service providers or course creators looking for a surefire way to come up with a unique course idea that'll attract your ideal clients like a magnet!

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This straight-forward training will teach you the exact, proven strategies entrepreneurs like you can use to find–and vet–your next course idea so that it’s both helpful for your students and profitable for you.

Sign up for free access to this training today & you’ll learn the top techniques industry experts recommend for choosing a profitable course idea. Chock-full of in-depth training and an add-on workbook, this training will take you from vague (or no!) idea to an idea your ideal clients will practically salivate over.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Analyze your website, email marketing and social media to suss out what your audience really wants from you (which might just surprise you!)
  • Do ‘dreaded’ market research the right way (aka a way that doesn’t waste your time or disappoint your audience!)
  • Get outside your current “Internet bubble” and into lesser-known spaces to find problems you didn’t even know your ideal clients wanted solved
  • Ethically research and audit your competition to identify gaps, opportunities and hidden gems in the market
  • And more!
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Ever secretly wish you could see into the future and know whether your online course would sell–before you create it? Then keep reading, my friend…

Are you currently…

Struggling to nail down your next course idea because you feel like it’s all been done before?

Worried that the online course market is too saturated and there aren’t ‘any good ideas left’? (If you’ve ever thought, “Why would anybody buy a course from me, when they could buy it from big-name-influencer?”–I’m talking to you!)

Scared to pour too much time, money or resources (hello, new ring light and membership site software!) into a course that flops or doesn’t make sales?

Unsure how to find out what your audience really wants (or how in the world to use that information once you have it)?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Just Imagine....

Creating your next course feeling like a total breeze (rather than a slog) because you know it’s not going to be “all for nothing”

Launching your next course with confidence and excitement instead of self-doubt

Receiving glowing emails from your audience gushing about how your course was exactly what they were looking for (and/or didn’t even know they needed!)

Knowing you have a new, proven income stream that you can sell over and over for months or years (with a few updates and promotions, of course!)

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