Expand Your Business and Dominate in a New Lane in 90 Days

What if you could transition your brand, step out from the behind-the-scenes of your business, and finally add new income streams you're actually passionate about?


Here’s a secret: You can.


Does this sound familiar?

Have you been:

●      Frustrated because you have created a successful enterprise, but feel like your current business and audience are holding you hostage?

●      Overwhelmed because you want to go in a new direction with your income, but have no clue where to begin?

●      Annoyed because you’ve had success before, but now you're starting to feel stagnant and stuck where you are?


You’ve told yourself you need at least a year to launch something new or that you’re too busy to focus on anything new at all.

That’s a total lie!


Expanding your business offerings into other areas is entirely a possibility if you learn the strategies that I will teach you. Because I’ve been where you are.


The Power Elite Fast Track is for the elite women CEO who is determined not to leave any stones unturned. It is designed for the fearless and ferocious leaders who are ready to master the business and the brand.

PEFT is purposed for you if:

·     You are the owner of a THRIVING business who wishes to focus on their personal brand.

·     You've built a successful enterprise but is ready to step from behind the scenes and watch your business blossom from the stage.

·     You may also be in a place where you want to expand your business offerings into other areas, in which requires personal growth and branding.

Influence. Influence Influence. This is what the fast track program was catered to reflect. We will work together to establish your influence both online and offline to transform your goals from afterthoughts to actual accomplishments.

In the Power Elite Fast Track private coaching experience, we'll explore other avenues where you’ll find comfort in leveraging your expertise and dominating a new lane. Upon identification of your new ventures, we'll create a launch plan and maintenance strategy that will allow you to maintain a solid relationship with your existing following while gaining the attention of your newly niched audience.

In only 90 days, your ideas for expansion and increase will become your reality. You will be equipped with a full vision and a plan of implementation that will inspire you to take action!

During this 90-day  private coaching experience, we'll:

  • Identify new ventures where you can leverage your expertise and flourish in your new lane

  • Create a launch plan and maintenance strategy that will allow you to maintain a solid relationship with your existing following while gaining the attention of your newly niched audience. I will work with you on the exact steps to bring your idea to market. Whether it’s doing market research, creating the new offers, creating a webinar or ebook, or developing a sales sequence, I will be your implementation partner in the next 90 days.


After your time in the Power Elite Fast Track Experience, you’ll have:

  • Clarity on your vision, value proposition and intentions.

  • A complete implementation plan - your business plan for maintaining your business! It comes in a spreadsheet outlining your monthly promotions, revenue goals, and how many clients you need to meet your target. This will be a clear and direct path to profit that will aid you in understanding exactly how you will convert your new audience into customers.

  • Increased confidence in your new venture.

This program consists of:

  • Access to a custom curriculum featuring 7 required video trainings on topics that cover the following topics: Systems, Streamlining processes, Website optimization, Attracting customers, Creating a memorable client experience.

  • You will also get 8 downloadable tools on: service launch plan, product launch plan, 2019 editable calendar, how to launch a podcast ebook, course planner, business plan template, content planner, business essentials kit (financial tracker) branding, marketing, sales and more! All of these tools are available at your convenience.

  • 90 Minute Fast Track Session - This is a virtual video coaching session where we first gain clarity on your project and then outline our project plan for bringing it to life.

  • Two 60 minute private coaching calls and access to the call recordings 

  • Accountability Assignments Specific to Your Project After Each Coaching Call

  • Virtual support via email in between sessions

  • Physical Copy of the Bombshell of All Trades and All in Favor of Branding

  • 90 Day Implementation Plan Specific to Your Project Showcasing Your Revenue Goals, Marketing Strategy and Direct Paths to Profit

  • 3 month complimentary membership to Bombshell Biz Society post program

  • Complimentary ticket to Kyshira's live in person events

  • OPTIONAL: Website Design (additional fee)

Additional private brand management support is available post program.


Jackie Hale, Nutrition Coach

Jackie Hale, Nutrition Coach

Latasha Gooch, Founder of Simply Better Healthy

Latasha Gooch, Founder of Simply Better Healthy

Rhi Cook, Marketing Consultant

Rhi Cook, Marketing Consultant

Working with Kyshira pushed me to launch my brand in a way that I never imagined. My background is in education, so this was new learning and I promised her that I would position myself as a learner and give her 100% effort. The work was challenging and at times I didn't understand how all of the pieces would fit together. Through emails, coaching calls, and words of encouragement, I was able to see the picture clearly. We created a beautiful brand, Jackie Yvonne Nutrition, and I'm still in shock that we did this in 90 days! Since working with Kyshira, I was able to gain 4 new clients for my signature service and map out how to continue increasing clients, which was a major win for me. Additionally, I learned from Kyshira to be fearless in demanding my worth and that was the biggest win of the entire process. I feel completely confident in saying that I am my own brand! Thank you, Kyshira, for seeing what I couldn't see in myself.

Thank you would not describe my gratefulness for working with Kyshira. Building a brand is hard work and sometimes we’re not in the space to complete what’s expected of us. I was there. I was struggling more than I’ve struggled in life. Kyshira helped me to stay centered, provided room for growth and grace. I didn’t go through the process and poof was my glorious brand. Months and months passed after us working together. The best part of working with her is what I was able to produce when I was ready. I gleaned upon the principles she taught through our discussions and created a brand that I want to talk about. My best decision was investing the in my brand! With clarity of vision, the future of my brand is limitless!

Kyshira is an amazingly collaborative coach who has the ability to meet clients where they are, help them decide where they are going, and assist in creating a road map to get them there. She helped me take my business from concept to launch and provided me the resources, support, and expertise to get me there.

Openings for this program are extremely limited. Schedule your consultation today to get started!