How to Use Interactive Quizzes to Grow Your Passive Income

Have you ever taken one of those fun quizzes on Buzzfeed? How about Facebook? Or remember back in the day when your favorite magazine such as CosmoGirl or Seventeen from your teen years had quizzes in them? These quizzes were quick, fun and sometimes led us to amazing product recommendations depending on the topic. Quizzes are magnets for people because they're more of a game than work, and seeing the results are fun. You can use these fun quizzes to not only find prospective clients but convert them into paying customers as well! 


I recently began to use a tool called Interact Quiz Builder. Its the tool I used to create the "What Kind of Blogger Are You?" quiz. I also created a quiz for my other business, Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics, called "What's Your Beauty Style?". This tool is amazingly simple to use. I've filmed a quick video walk through of how build your own quiz below. Despite its simplicity, it has powerful features that if used correctly, can build your email list and revenue. Here's three of my favorite components of the tool.


You Can Sync It To Your Email List

Interact Quiz Builder allows you to sync it with your email list provider. At the end of the quiz, you can prompt your reader to enter their email address in order to see their results. Not only will this build your list, but you can now create a new email sales funnel based on this quiz! You can also edit the fields that the person taking your quiz has to enter. For example, I require a first name and email  address. You can add zip code, phone number and a few other items depending on what information you're looking to gather. 


You Can Direct Quiz Takers To Specific Products

As demonstrated in the tutorial, building a quiz from scratch or editing a template is extremely easy. Interactive Quiz Builder gives you full control over the aesthetic of your quiz, the content, the results and more. Upon receiving the results of the quiz, you can prompt the user with a call to action. For example, with my quiz on beauty persona's, based on the person's result, I recommend a certain shade of lipstick to them and the webpage redirects them directly to that product in my store. You can easily leverage quizzes to increase the passive income in your business.


You Can Host Giveaways

Let's be honest. Hosting giveaways can be a pain sometimes. If you're doing it manually, it can take forever to find the winner depending on how many entry rules you have. Additionally, software's that in hosting giveaways can be expensive. Interact Quiz Builder provides the functionality to host giveaways and polls within their platform. I also appreciate that with all of the tools they provide, you have a share and embed functionality. This allows you to share your content directly from their platform or you can embed it into your site to build your SEO and website traffic.


You can sign up for Interact Quiz Builder for free to test it out for your brand by clicking here. They have a forever free plan and then if you'd like more advance features, you can upgrade to the $17/month option. 


Quizzes can lead to increased passive income for your business! Earlier I mentioned the option of the quiz results leading to specific products on your site. I have a class called Digital Products 101 where I show you how to brainstorm ideas for your digital products, how to actually create your products and provide walk through tutorials on how to use a few of the tools mentioned on this list!


The class covers:

-How to Create Fillable Workbooks

-How to Package and Sell Your Webinar/Live Stream Replays

-How to Create Branded Merchandise & Avoid Having Inventory -Additional Tools for Creating Passive Income