5 Ways to Attract Your Next Client

Do you know where to find your clients? In theory, many of us will say, social media, but let’s be honest - social media is a vague answer. There are so many platforms and various ways to share content. How do you know specifically where to find your clients and what will attract them?


There’s well over 25 ways to find your clients, both online and in person. I plan to share these strategies with those who enroll in Bombshell Sales Academy. But, I want to give you a sneak peak of what you can expect in the program by sharing 5 of those strategies with you here.


  • Paid Advertising: This goes beyond Facebook Ads. Consider running paid ads on Twitter, Instagram and other platforms that your client frequents. Did you know you can even run paid ads as a small business owner on Spotify? Have you considered influencer marketing?


  • Affiliate Marketing: Create a referral program to reward your loyal customers for spreading the word about your business. Make it easy for them to promote you by using affiliate software, creating promotional graphics and proving them with sales copy.


  • Host an In Person Event: Take it a step further and partner with local professional organizations to increase the reach of your marketing. Even if the event is free, you can hold “back of the room sales”. Unfamiliar with this term? Its how I monetize any unpaid speaking engagements and will be covered in Bombshell Sales Academy.


  • Create a New Freebie: Attract new ideas by creating a new opt-in for your email list! An example of a freebie is the authentic branding audio series.


  • Host a Consultation Event - This can be virtual or in person, but, create an event out of your consultations. Open up your calendar for a few hours either at local coworking space or via your web conferencing system to meet with prospective clients.


Can you believe all of these tips are just a PREVIEW of what’s to come in Bombshell Sales Academy? I can’t wait to share the remainder of the tips with you when you enroll.


In Bombshell Sales Academy, over a 4 week period, I going to teach you my proven process for streamlining your sales process and creating a strategy that works for you.


The curriculum will cover:

  • Week 1: How to Create an Offer Your Audience Actually Wants

  • Week 2: How to Build a Sales Page on Your Website

  • Week 3: How to Build Sales Funnels Using Email and Social Media

  • Week 4: How to Sell Via Webinars, Live Streams and Phone Calls


When you enroll in Bombshell Sales Academy, you will also get access to over $200 worth of bonuses including:


  • Conquer Live Stream 3 Part Series

  • Email Unlocked Masterclass

  • Bombshell Product Planner

  • Instagram Module from the Slaying @ Social Program


When you join Bombshell Sales Academy, you will also get immediate access to the pre-work module, “Money Mindset: How to Change Your View of Selling”. 


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