5 Components of a Successful Sales Funnel

How many sales funnels do you have in place for your business? Sales funnels have been the key driver in the increase of profits earned from passive income products in my business.


Passive income is money earned from products that I don’t actively sell. Meaning, I don’t promote these products daily or have a full on promotional plan for them.


Its amazing to wake up in the morning with Stripe and Paypal notifications of customers who have purchased my classes or digital products as a result of sales funnels that I built months ago.


I cover sales funnels in detail with my clients, but I wanted to get you started by sharing with you the 5 components of a Successful Sales Funnel.


The 5 components are:


Clear End Goal

i.e. your offer. What are you planning to sale at the conclusion of the funnel?



Who are you looking to sell to? Did you know that your ideal customer could vary from product to product? 


Lead Magnet

Also known as your freebie. Too often, entrepreneurs assume this means creating a free worksheet or e-book. There are so many more lead magnets than these that can increase conversions. 



The reason why I can still make money today from funnels I developed months ago is because I have the right systems in place to automate this process. Visit my resources page for a list of tools I use in my business.


Action Sequence

This is where the magic happens. This is the process for getting someone to go from giving you their email address to giving you their coins.

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