Start Talking! Boost Your Brand Through Your Social Media Presence

Social media this; social media that. Do you get sick and tired of hearing about social media or are you glued to your platforms 24/7? Either way, you probably already know that in order to turn your business profitable you must have a brand. You have to have a dynamic presence online and offline, and part of that outreach is social media. Dress to impress your current and future customers by looking good online. A brand that doesn’t engage with its audience is a brand that doesn’t stand a chance in its respective niche. Remember, your customers want to interact with you, so make it easy for them.

Start Talking

Don’t say, “Thank you, Captain Obvious” just yet. This isn’t just about your replies to comments and reviews. You need to make interaction on your social media platforms fun. Post questions and conduct polls, even if the polls aren’t related to your business. In fact, post polls over silly things to keep people entertained. Which do you prefer? M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces? Post inspirational quotes and host some contests. Mix up your social media platform content so people are never, ever bored.

Encourage them to interact on your platforms, too. For example, one contest could be a photo contest; another one a video contest. Create a hashtag campaign (more on that later) and see who comes up with the best tweet. Challenge your friends and followers to shout to the social media rooftops what you do best. Tell them to get creative. Sure you offer the best business insurance premiums out there, for example, but you are so much more than that. Tell them to tell you what that more is.

Think Beyond Business

You saw a theme in the previous paragraphs and that was you should think beyond business. Yes, offer your customers deals on your social media platforms. Yes, post photos and videos of your product or service. Yes, address complaints in a professional manner, but don’t be all business all the time. Give your friends and followers more than just content about your business and discounts. Keep them in the news loop for your niche and entertain them with your branded content, i.e. blog, tips, etc.

There is something called the rule of thirds, and this tenant breaks your social media content into three separate and equal sections: branded content, industry-specific content, promotion. This is a good rule of thumb to follow, so keep the online discussion varied and fun. Understand that people consider social media to be customer service now, so pay attention to and address what people are saying, but also include plenty of interesting content to keep people excited when they’re on your platforms.

Hashtags Remain Crucial

If you haven’t seen the hashtag skits that Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake do, you have got to check those out. Hashtags show no sign of slowing down, and the quickest and easiest way people can get into the conversation is by using hashtags. You need to use them, too. Not only does this get people talking about your business, it also gets them to share your business with their friends and followers indirectly. Be creative with your hashtags, and also use them to open dialog on current events.

Social media has changed the way people conduct and market their businesses, but the change is definitely for the better. You represent your business, so always keep that in mind. When you remember that you are the literal face of your company that everyone can see, you tend to create amazing social media content everyone will love. Put your best face forward and start engaging with your audience. When you do, they will jump on board and everyone will have an amazing online time… And, you get a ton of free marketing to boot, and who doesn’t love that?

Branding, BusinessKyshira Moffett