Why I Love Black Friday as an Entrepreneur

Black Friday was never really a “thing” for me. Growing up, it wasn’t apart of our family tradition to rush to the mall after Thanksgiving for Christmas shopping and to grab a huge television. In fact, I recall my first true Black Friday shopping experience occurring during my freshman year of college at Hampton. I went home with a friend who live in New Jersey as I wanted to visit NYC for the first time. My friend loved Target so that was our first stop. I purchased a ton of DVD’s (it was 2008! don’t judge me lol), and a $4 toaster that lasted my entire college experience.

However, after that, Black Friday and Cyber Monday went back to being a regular day for me. That is, until I became an entrepreneur. Now, that entire weekend is extremely important for me.

First, its a great opportunity as a business owner to invest in yourself! Many industry experts will have deeply discounted books, courses, services etc. Other items that you may need to invest in such as business cards or even systems such as your favorite software, may go on sale! I literally have a Black Friday budget solely for investing into my business.

The second reason why this is huge is because this is a great opportunity to see an increase in your sales. You can leverage this time to re-engage previous customers and attract new leads to your business. Keep in mind during this time, customers are looking for deeper than usual discounts. A mere 10-20% off won’t cut it. Click here to watch a video training on how to land the sale during Black Friday.

The Very Important Bombshell Black Friday sale kicks off on Wednesday, November 21st. However, if you sign up to become a V.I.B., you can get early access to the deals. I’ve created a #HERmovement Black Friday shopping catalogue so you can see exactly what will be for sale AND how much it will cost so you can plan your purchases.

Click here to access the catalogue and become a VIB!

Let me know in the comments. Is Black Friday weekend a big deal to you? Are you planning to have any sales of your own?

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