5 Ways to Maximize Your Weekend as a Side Hustler

Weekends are pivotal for side hustlers. The reality is, your 9-5 is more like an 8-6 or 9-7. Time to work on your business during the week can be limited and let’s be honest, you’re more than likely exhausted when you get home. Though work still needs to get done during the week, weekends are every hustler’s best friend.


Identify realistically what needs to be done

One of the biggest downfalls to productivity is being unrealistic around what you can truly accomplish. Sure it seems do-able when you’re writing down all 20 tasks that need to get done, but honestly, what’s the likelihood of all of it getting down? Begin to identify what tasks are the most important to get done. I like to create a list that contains three categories: must get done, needs to be done soon, and can wait. This forces me to hone in on the things that are most important and are revenue generating activities. I like to use my journal, From the Desk of a Bombshell, to plan my day and list additional reminders.

Wake up early

I’m not a morning person either. But I’ve conditioned myself to wake up early on weekends without my alarm clock. Waking up earlier gives you more time to conquer your day without feeling rushed. You’re able to make a home cooked breakfast, meditate, get to the gym and/or take care of any other errands. How you start your day sets the tone for the remainder of it.

Change your scenery

If you normally work from home, switch up your environment. Take your laptop to a neighborhood coffee shop or try a  co-working space. Many co-working facilities offer day passes and can prove beneficial with the amenities they offer. Depending on the nature of your work, this may be vital to your productivity. For example, I thrive off of the energy of others so if I have to something that’s particularly taxing, I’ll intentionally schedule time to get out of the house to do so.

Schedule time for professional development

Are you guilty of buying books and classes but never getting around to taking advantage of them? Carve out 45 minutes to one hour each weekend for skill development. Dig up those old trainings you’ve bought or use the time to watch videos trainings on YouTube or Lynda.com. No matter how talented you are, there is always room for improvement. Don’t allow yourself to become stagnant on your journey.

Schedule time for self-care and fun

Avoid burning yourself out at all cost. If you manage your calendar effectively, you can still have fun on your weekends. Whether it’s an at home spa night or dinner with friends, the key is to plan for it. View these activities as a reward for crushing your to-do list that day. Side hustlers run the risk of burn out more than others because you’re working multiple jobs. One thing I’ve learned the hard way is, if you burn yourself out, you’re unable to serve your customers and clients with the quality that you desire. Learn to listen to your body and spirit to recognize when it's time for a break.

What’s your favorite productivity tip? Comment them below!

I originally wrote this post for The Journal on Shoppe Baus

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