The Power Collective Mentorship Program


The Power Collective Mentorship Program is 6 month private coaching experience designed and purposed for emerging women entrepreneurs who harbor the urge to develop powerful success strategies that will save them time, energy and money. Through the duration of Power Collective Mentorship Program, one will be provided with tools and resources that permit both personal and business growth and have been tested amongst a variety of brand and business owners. Simultaneously, you will lean the how to contour these tools and resources to fit your business’s identity.

Monthly assignments and private calls are embedded within the foundation of our program to create the urgency that relates to accountability and serve as a system of support that often hinders entrepreneurs from seeking their full potential. Essentially, the goal of the Power Collective Mentorship program is to aid you in creating a growth plan that will increase your exposure, revenue, customer base and retention rate.

Upon completion of Power Collective Mentorship Program, you'll be equipped with increased clarity, a solid foundation for success and a completely new vision that supersedes any self-limiting beliefs you had prior to your participation.



Studies prove that...

  • Watching free webinars for hours on end and purchasing a la carte trainings here and there with no real strategy, intention of utilization, guidance from someone within your realm of business or premeditated outcomes are costing thousands of dollars in revenue and potential clients

  • Being stressed and overwhelmed with thoughts of where to start and what to implement in your business hinders you from moving forward and places unnecessary fear at your forefront, which leads to time wasted

  • Entrepreneurs – like yourself – are struggling more than you should. Can you believe it’s simply due to the fact that you haven’t found the right mentor to help guide you through your journey?

  • Your consistency and accountability needs to be adjusted, but you haven't figured out how to solve this dilemma.

Mercedes Forrest, Personal Finance Coach

Mercedes Forrest, Personal Finance Coach

Quiana Darden, Content Writer & Content Marketing Strategist

Quiana Darden, Content Writer & Content Marketing Strategist

Carmen Turner, Personal Finance Expert & Strategist

Carmen Turner, Personal Finance Expert & Strategist

Kyshira is great. I appreciate that she doesn't have a one size fits all approach to her coaching program. She was able to give me guidance in the areas that I needed most while also ensuring that I had an overall plan to get my program off the ground. I learned a lot about branding and social media marketing in particular, areas I had limited experience in. If you are looking for someone who is collaborative and awesome to work with then Kyshira is the one.

Kyshira is a highly skilled business coach! She helped me to narrow down my offer and my audience, which allowed me to focus on only the best money generating activities for my business.

I have more clarity regarding what I'm focusing on, she gave me ideas I never thought about for my business and offered a general business framework that I can use as I move forward.

I highly recommend her to those who are looking to grow their business whether you're a beginner or you're already established.

Kyshira is EXCELLENT at coaching and helping you get results! I just finished her 90 Day Mastermind Coaching program and gained so much insight into how to grow my business.

She helped me to develop my signature offer, focus in on my ideal audience AND helped me to adjust my messaging to increase engagement with my audience. Those are just a few of the things I learned over the 90 days.

I've been following Kyshira forever and knew that when the opportunity came to be coached by her I would sign on the dotted line!

If you are struggling with the direction of your business or just want to level up your business I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her!

This program consists of:

  • Access to a custom curriculum featuring video trainings and downloads on topics such as branding, marketing, sales and more! 

  • Monthly Accountability Assignments

  • 4 one hour private coaching calls and access to the call recordings 

  • Virtual support in between sessions

  • Access to Bombshell Biz Society Virtual Classroom and Private Community

  • Complimentary ticket to Kyshira's live in person events

  • OPTIONAL: Website Design (additional fee)

Openings for this program are extremely limited. Schedule your consultation today to get started!