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Move On from Past Hurts, Break Free from Resentment and Start Moving Forward in Business and Life!

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It’s possible to free yourself from those paralyzing thoughts and start living an abundant, soul-gratifying life–no matter what you’ve been through!

Let me guess…

– You’ve been “burned” by coaches, mentors and others in the past–and can’t stop thinking about it (and letting it influence your decisions, from what you invest in to what you wear!)

– You’ve had issues with people in your life or business not living up to their end of a commitment and you’ve lost money, clients or even clout as a result

– Maybe you stall when it comes to making financial decisions, like waiting way too long to raise your rates or let that one not-so-fun (and definitely not lucrative) client go.

– You can’t 100% trust others in business or life, and you’ve let it stop you from joining that mastermind, hiring that high-level coach or even bringing on more team members (aka doing what you need to do to get to your “next level”)

– You find it hard to plan for–and make moves toward–the future, because you’re so fixated on what went wrong in the past

– Maybe you don’t feel like you can give or receive money with ease–you’re trepidatious about spending and just as insecure about receiving (money or even just support and help!).

– Maybe you even think you’re “doing well”…until you hop on IG, see a few other coaches talking about their lucrative launches & instantly feel like a failure who “should” be further along when it comes to your money (and the number of “k’s” you pull in each month).

In short? You feel trapped by a few specific situations (or people) from your past that have led to the current limiting beliefs you battle with. You know they’re holding you back in a big way, but you just can’t find a way to let it go, Frozen-style.

Sound all-too-true? If so, you’re in the right place.

And I get it.

It’s totally normal to tote anger, resentment and even self-blame around like a luxury handbag when you’ve been betrayed or hurt in some way by someone (or multiple someones) you deeply trusted.

But if you don’t deal with the feelings, they can start hurting you (and holding you back!) more than the other person ever did. Not only that, this then spirals into self sabotaging your own business success.

The truth is, you need to be able to trust others and YOURSELF on a deep level to get to the next level.

And this is exactly why your affirmations and weekly journaling aren't moving the need in your personal growth journey.

This is exactly what I created.....

Mindset Mastery for Entrepreneurs


In this game-changing course, you’ll learn the step by step process for releasing limiting beliefs, fully elevating to a CEO mindset and attract anything so you can start to experience your life–and business–in a bigger, more joyful way. You’ll learn how to:


  • Get real about what’s holding you back financially so you can stop avoiding the problem and start tackling it head-on
  • Practically adjust not just your behaviors, but your beliefs about the money you earn so you start to deeply believe you deserve more
  • Get rid of the clutter that’s blocking your abundance with tangible tools and techniques
  • Rewire your brain to create new neural pathways to create ample wealth in every area of your life


  • How habits actually work and why changing them is simpler than you think
  • How to easily identify the bad habits holding you back in both your professional and personal life
  • How to ‘crack’ the limiting beliefs that are subconsciously driving your days and determining your life
  • The ‘secret’ technique that will help you break your bad habits (even if you think yours are rock-solid and ‘impossible’ to change)


Grab the replay of this 3 hour training with exercises to release limiting beliefs in real time and 3 action guides


  • Identify exactly who you need to forgive to free up energy so you can move forward with confidence and happiness
  • Feel and accept your true feelings so you stop subconsciously sabotaging your success (because odds are, it’s happening whether you realize it or not)
  • Release, let go and deeply heal with a variety of powerful forgiveness rituals that work 
  • Forgive yourself, too (which is often the hardest part!)


  • Build new habits to manifest success in your business
  • Create and maintain daily rituals so you’re no longer drained every day
  • Eliminate distractions to increase your focus
  • Why most people fail at self discipline and your secret weapon for success


50+ page reusable power journal to leverage during and after your journey in the course to manifest abundance.

Overcome Your Belief Barriers and Start Making the Income You Deserve!

Get out of your own way and kiss the negative self-speak goodbye, disarm your “financial triggers” and make way for way more money.

Question: Are you living the life of your dreams, paying your bills easily (and automatically) and (maybe best of all) able to book a vacation (or two!) on a whim?

Let’s see. If right now your life is like this…

  • You’re confidently launching new offers to an email list at prices you’re excited about and your customers happily pay.
  • Your prices feel completely aligned with what you believe your work is worth.
  • You have an incredible team who supports you–and who you support back with the cashflow from your business.
  • You recognize your worth and you’re not afraid to ask for what you want when it comes to cash.
  • Your bank account balance always has a healthy number of zeroes in it, and you know that not only did you earn every penny, but you deserve it.
  • You don't battle with self doubt, imposter syndrome, comparison syndrome or my personal favorite, shiny object syndrome

…you probably don’t need to keep reading this page.

But if instead, you feel like you’re robbing Peter to pay Paul every month, or you’re constantly racking up new debt that makes you feel like a failure or you regularly question what you’re doing financially, you’re right where you need to be.

Here’s the deal: If you’re constantly thinking thoughts like…

  • “You have to work really hard if you want to make good money.”
  • “If I get rich, everybody will want to borrow from me.”
  • “Rich people are jerks.”
  • “Money is the root of all evil. Better to be broke and humble, then rich and greedy.”
  • “I never have enough.”
  • “It doesn’t matter how much money I make. I’ll spend it all regardless.”
  • “I’m scared to even open my bills.”
  • “There’s no way MY business could ever bring in that much money per month.”
  • “I don’t understand how other coaches/entrepreneurs make so much.”
  • “No one would pay me THAT.”

….then you are literally blocking your own success.

There’s a silver lining here, though. Because at the end of the day…

Money Isn’t The Problem. Fear is The Problem.

Not to burst your bubble, but the truth is that we’re our own worst enemies when it comes to money. It’s not your clients, other shiny & successful entrepreneurs or even “the world” that’s keeping you down (at least not completely!). 

It’s your own beliefs about who you are and what you’re capable of that are holding you back–big time. Worse? These beliefs can affect your business–and your bottom line–a million different, sneaky ways.

Don’t get me wrong: Fears and doubts around money are normal. 

But…every lingering fear, doubt and limiting belief is blocking you from attracting the abundance you desire and living the life you deserve with a business you love.

It’s true: Your limiting beliefs–many that were established erroneously in early childhood–become major stumbling blocks when trying to create a profitable, successful business. 

But there’s good news…

You Can Transform Your Fears, Become a Confident CEO & Allow Your Full Income Potential to Flow!

Re-Wiring Your Brain Can Happen In Far Less Time Than You Think!

With just a little time and effort, you can actually change your internal filter and create a new, more positive mindset around money, abundance and all things finances.

  • A mindset where you recognize your own worth–and charge accordingly.
  • A mindset where you receive with ease and spend without a panic attack.
  • And a mindset where you trust deeply & fully in yourself and your ability to bring in the money you need to support yourself, your business and your dreamiest dream lifestyle.

It’s possible. (And it’s actually required if you really want to operate like a confident CEO.)

And that’s where I come in.

When you learn these transformative tools & techniques, you’ll be amazed at how effortlessly you can let go of a lifetime of shame, blame and hurt.

This is how different your life could look after this course…

  • You sashay through everyday feeling lighter, brighter and more vibrant than you have in months (or years)
  • You’re no longer afraid to say YES to the things you KNOW will move you forward in life & business (i.e. that dreamy team member, the new offer you’ve been shy about releasing into the world or that certification you’re been eyeing for years but didn’t quite feel worthy of)
  • You feel less stressed, more mindful and better in your body than ever
  • You feel actual sympathy (and even positive emotions) for the people and situations that once used to make your blood boil and twist your stomach into knots
  • You are loving your life and business again, you feel more compassion for yourself than ever & your emotions no longer run the show

… and so, so much more!

Yes, could be your reality

There is one caveat though: You have to be committed to forgiveness for any of this work.

You have to want to let to go–and let go for good. 

Just imagine…

  • Your DMs overflowing with clients who are willing and excited to pay for your coaching, courses or digital products (and you feel like you actually deserve it!)
  • Rewiring your brain so you think positive thoughts about money naturally–and therefore attract prosperity into your life in a way that reflects in your actual bank balance
  • Clearing out everything that no longer serves you and leading a more fulfilling, stress-free and abundant work and financial life
  • Kicking bad financial habits for good, feeling confident in your financial finesse (aka: taking control of your cash) and magnetically manifesting sustainable, steady piles of cash!

… and so much more. 

Will these changes happen overnight? Of course not. We’re not talking about waving a magic wand to make life perfect.

This course is about making small changes to your mindset that eventually will have a cumulative effect that leads to more financial abundance and business growth.  Join me inside and step-by-step, I’ll help you to take charge of your wealth mindset and invite it to grow–without guilt, shame or a nagging feeling that it’s all going to disappear somehow.

If you truly want to become a wealthy CEO who is as confident about her cash as she is about her craft, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. 

I can’t wait to see your cup overflow with abundance.


When you select any of our enrollment options, you'll get access to:

  • 4 part series on Releasing Limiting Beliefs & Elevating Your C.E.O Mindset
  • Embracing Forgiveness Training and Action Guide
  • Daily Self Discipline for Entrepreneurs Training and Action Guide
  • Power Up Your Habits Training and Action Guide
  • Bonus: 50 Page Power Journal
  • Bonus: 3 Hour Manifest Your Power Training Plus 3 Action Guides!


  • Lifetime Access to Mindset Mastery for Entrepreneurs Course ($997 Value)
  • Bonus: Power Journal Download ($37 Value)
  • Bonus: Manifest Your Power ($97 Value)

One payment of $297


  • Lifetime Access to Mindset Mastery for Entrepreneurs Course ($997 Value)
  • Bonus: Power Journal Download ($37 Value)
  • Bonus: Manifest Your Power ($97 Value)

Two bi-weekly payments of $150

About Your Instructor

Kyshira S. Moffett, MBA is an International Board Certified Success Coach & a certified practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), TIME Techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Clinical Hypnosis. Her speciality lies in business coaching with an emphasis on branding, digital marketing and sales. Through her business, The Power Collective, Kyshira works with emerging business owners on launching their coaching practice & creating their first results driven, high ticket coaching package. Kyshira also works with experienced coaches across industries who have hit a revenue wall and need assistance with scaling their practice. Kyshira's passion for helping women unlock their power through entrepreneurship is unwavering and she's thrilled to work with you on your journey.

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When will the course start & how long is it?

You will receive access to the course content immediately upon enrollment. The course contains 4 modules and 3 bonus modules. I recommend taking as much time as you need with this course. Healing and releasing is a process - don't rush it.

I've made my purchase, how do I get access?

You should receive an email from Thinkific with your login credentials. If you do not receive it within one hour of purchase, please email If you don't receive a copy of your receipt either, there is a chance there was an issue with your email address.

Who is this course for?

This course is created primarily for women who are choosing to pursue the path of entrepreneurship, whether its part time or full time. This course is great for women of all industries (service and product) and experience levels.

Is this course refundable?

This course is NOT eligible for refunds or exchanges.

Will there be live calls or live support?

This course is 100% self study unless you purchase the VIP Upgrade. If you purchase the upgrade, you have the ability to book a 30 minute 1:1 coaching call with Kyshira.

Will I get anything in the mail?

No, this course is 100% digital. You have the ability to print the workbooks or use them digitally on your electronic devices.